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Featured Event

Featured Event

On January 23, 2005, Minneapolis celebrated the 150th anniversary of the opening of a wood-tower suspension bridge from Nicollet Island to what is now the downtown side of the Mississippi River at Hennepin Avenue. Combined with an 1853 bridge from Nicollet Island to the other side of the river, this suspension bridge completed the first permanent span across the Mississippi River anywhere along its entire length.

In recognition of this historical milestone, the Minneapolis Riverfront District invites you to explore the many wonderful bridges in the District and to celebrate bridges that are both historical and cultural! Minneapolis has more bridges across the Mississippi River than any other river community, and those bridges represent a fascinating variety of engineering types and materials.

Come discover the bridges of the Minneapolis Riverfront District!


Hennepin Avenue & East Channel Bridges


Other Bridges

Lost Bridges

Images are courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Ann Calvert, Ira Heilicher, Neil Kveberg, and Rachel Ramadhyani

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